How to Make a QR Code for Online Registration?

Make a QR Code

You will be seeing a lot of QR codes these days while making contactless payments, logging into your web WhatsApp, doing online shopping, etc. So, you will be thinking, what is a QR code actually? It is a machine-readable code that consists of an array of white and black squares. It is usually used for storing URLs or other information by the camera on a smartphone for reading. Now, you want it for yourself, and you need to learn how to make a QR code. Let us help you. Continue reading to learn the process of creating a QR code:

Tips to Make a QR Code for Online Registration

1- Search for a QR Code Generator

The first step you have to create a QR code is to open your browser. Once you open your browser, type and search for a QR Code generator on your search engine. As you search for it, you will see a list of different websites offering QR generator services. Now, evaluate all the websites and choose the one you think is reliable. However, we recommend you go for Beaconstac. It is the best QR code generator out there.

2- Select The Content of the QR Code

The need to create a QR code is to redirect your targeted users or customers to a URL, your social media page, or an application. Therefore, once you land on the Beaconstac site, you will see the options you want to make a QR code for. So select the content for which you are creating your QR code or the one your need suits.

3- Enter The Required Details

You can choose for yourself what kind of QR Code you want to create and its purpose. Therefore, after selecting the type of QR code, you have to submit all the necessary details of it. For example, the URL of your web design agency website, contact details, or the details of the type you choose to make a QR code for online registration. 

4- Select The Type of Codes

The next step after entering the details is to pick the type of your QR code. There are basically two types of QR codes.

Static – A non-editable QR code.

Dynamic – An editable QR code. 

So, wisely choose what type of QR code you want to create. If you want to create a QR for one-time use, then you can go for the static one. However, if you need a QR code that you can re-edit, or customize according to your needs, then choose a dynamic QR Code.

5- Customize Your Codes

If you’re looking for a UK web development agency, once you enter the required details, now it’s time to customize your QR code. You have many customization options to make your QR code according to your requirement. For example, you can add a company logo, a CTA frame, or even try different data patterns, shapes, and colors.

6- Download Your Code

You can now download your QR Code in the PNG format without any subscription. However, to explore more editing, customizing, and format options, you have to sign up. Then, you can download your QR code in .jpg, .png, .eps, or any other format.


You can make a QR Code in just a few seconds if you have a perfect QR Code generator. Look at the way we define the process of creating a QR code and how easy it is to obtain one for yourself for any use. So, if you want a QR code for yourself or your website, you can easily create it by following the process we define.

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